Social media, gaming, and tagging functions 300+ essential icons for use in your Windows app. Includes some on/off toggle states for representing settings. Crisp and clean, pixel-hinted like a freshly-pressed shirt. Specifically-crafted dark and Light versions are included. Marketplace, Windows Explorer, Books, PIM functions, cloud sync functions Every icon is matched to a specific function. Audio and Video capture modes and and view controls Icons usable for the App bar for Windows Phone and the Windows 8 platform, designed specifically for Metro-style apps. Device function and source and destination controls custom crafted icons ready for light and dark themes Media transport and video controls Messaging, email, comments, navigation and wayfinding controls Document editing controls and Microsoft Office targets Assortment of symbols for debugging, alerts, and accessibility. File management, security, privacy, and financial and commerce functions

Just what you need, for only $30 USD! Get these icons now.

Questions? Just ask.

Do I need more than one license?

You have unlimited use of a single download for yourself, your team, or even your company, so as long as you don't post it up publicly for all of The Internets® to download. That would be not nice.

Your purchase supports the building of more tools for developers and designers. My three kids thank you!

Do we get free updates?

I send out free minor updates when available.

What's included in the download ZIP?

  • Windows 8 AppBar ready icons, containing 4 button states for 2 backgrounds per icon, at 100% scale.
  • A "samples" folder, with icons for dark backgrounds (white) with the basecircle you can use in your UI sketches and mockups
  • A text list of icon filenames
  • A simple license agreement

Do you have your icons at 140% and 180% scale?

Not yet, but soon. They're going to be good. I promise. Write a message to to light a fire underneath my behind.

Can I have the Illustrator vector files?

These icons were created with Adobe Fireworks (the tool of champions), so exporting to Illustrator is a little trickier than I'd like it to be. If you need to edit your icons with Fireworks, send us a message to and I'll send you what you need.

I need to make my own icons. What are the specifications?

  • Each icon file should be a PNG sized 160x80 pixels with a 32-bit Alpha transparent background.
  • Each filename should have a suffix indicating the DPI scale: .scale-100 for 100%, .scale-140 for 140% and .scale-180 for 180%, e.g. iconname.scale-100.png
  • Each icon file is divided into 40x40 pixel cells, 2 rows, 4 columns.
  • The 4 columns represent the states: rest (default), hover (mouse over), active (pressed), and disabled.
  • The top row are for icons for light backgrounds (black icons), and the bottom for dark backgrounds (white icons).
  • Don't fill up the whole available space! Your icon design should sit within a 26x26 square (at .scale-100) because there needs to be space for the circle around it. I recommend crafting your icons to generally fit within 24x24 for visual consistency with the icons throughout the OS, with room to bulge out a few pixels in any direction in the middle.

Can I make modifications to your set and redistribute it?

You may make changes, but you may only distribute them within your team. You may make any modifications, so as long as it is for yourself or your contracted client for a project.

Do I need to give you attribution?

A note and a link somewhere on your website is much appreciated but not necessary. You should also about your awesome app!

Can I use your icons for a T-shirt / illustration?

That would be awesome! Go ahead, so as long as the icons are not the primary subject of your work.

I don't know what this icon is for / Why do you have three states for this icon? / What icon should I use for this function?

All icons have rather long names so to help you here, but an instruction booklet will be available for a free download soon. The full list of icon filenames are here.

What are "dark" and "light" versions? Do you mean black and white?

Depending on what kind of background you have in your app, your AppBar icons need to be readable against a "dark" background and a "light" background. Nearly a third of the icons have been re-drawn for the other version so that they don't look like x-ray negatives and are still recognizable.

How are these icons different from the ones provided by Microsoft?

I have some overlap with the AppBar icons provided with the Windows Phone SDK and the Segoe UI Symbol font, but not a lot. Some of the shared ones are deliberately improved upon.

I'm a typographer. I think you're using the word "hinted" wrong.

I've snapped the vectors to line up with pixel boundaries, so that the results are sharp and takes out the fuzziness.

Hey, there is (some guy) putting out (hundreds/thousands/quintillions) icons out for free! Why should I pay for yours?

There are indeed a lot out there! You know what you need. Your goal is to ship! Unlike some sets produced by grabbing open-source Android icons and munging them together, these are the highest quality you can find anywhere, and I'll work with you to make them work for you.

I've sweated the details thinking through how a function may be represented clearly for your users. Please do hire the services of a capable designer, because what they bring to the table is more than just pixels. Ship it! The world needs you.

Kids? You did all this with kids running around?

Yep. Two little boys and one wee baby girl.Now get these icons and launch your app!

JH and his version of useicons

Icons for Windows apps

Metro.Useicons are a specifically-crafted, ready-to-use pack of icons to represent functions for your Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro-style apps.

Designed for use in Windows 8

Fit to Microsoft specifications for the "Application Bar (AppBar)" in "Modern" (formerly "Metro") apps, each icon sprite is ready to drop into your IDE.

100% no fillers!

Each icon is crafted with a specific function in mind, making this set perfectly cover what you need. You won't find random dingbats and clip-art to inflate the icon count here!

Metro.Useicons contains more than 300 icons in PNG format, with all 4 button states and custom light and dark versions so you will always look great in both dark and light themes (take a look). Some icons have toggle states when appropriate.


You can use this set for an unlimited number of app development projects. Attribution ("icons by") is appreciated but not required. Our FAQ may answer more of your questions.

Designed by a pro

Metro.Useicons is created by Berm Lee, a user interaction designer who has developed for mobile, desktop, enterprise, and the web for 12+ years. Follow Twitter @useicons for updates.

Got questions? Comments? Ideas for new icons?

What's in the set?